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About me

My name is Tom Hodes, I am 31 years old and I am currently working as a 3D artist for Media.Monks Hq (Hilversum, in the Netherlands). I’ve graduated in 'Art and Technology' at Saxion Enschede, where I studied graphic design, animation, illustration, game, video, and  in particular 3D software. During my study I worked as a wallpaper/textile designer for international companies in China, Russia and Germany. 

I've always been inspired by shapes, surfaces and fine details. This is one of the main reasons why I became a 3D artist. In the past few years I’ve been focusing my studies on the development and creation of 3D assets for animations, games, VR / AR apps and websites. 


Work Experience

2020 - Present

3D Generalist

Since my return to Mediamonks, I'm back working as a 3D Generalist. Within my position I have further specialized in making 3D models for various digital applications, such as VFX, broadcastig, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive web-based experiences. I also started to focus more on developing and implementing concepts, managing projects and delegating and motivating designers and 3D artists.

2011 - 2014

3D Generalist

At AlienTrick, I was mainly responsible as a 3D Generalist for 3D animated advertising videos, the conception/visualization of products, stands and interiors, and I was also responsible for developing a concept for a 3D animated children's series.

2018 - 2020

3D Generalist

After completing my internship at MediaMonks, I was employed as a 3D Generalist for post-production. MediaMonks describes itself as a "global creative production company", which focuses on (award winning) campaigns, advertisements, films, websites, apps and VR/AR experiences/games for large international companies, brands and markets. In my position I am mainly responsible for modelling, texturing, lighting, animating and rendering 3D objects/scenes/characters for digital projects. Clients I have made work for include: Google, Toyota and Unilever.

2012 - 2018


As a pattern designer, I designed international textile and wallcovering collections for companies from Germany, China and Turkey. For my designs, I used a lot of both 2D and 3D programs. Within my profession I worked with different types of materials, structures, surface treatments and patterns.


2013 - 2019

Saxion University
Art and Technology

Within the ACT course I have studied various disciplines that focus on creative media. I have mastered various graphic applications, including: various 2D/3D programs, video/image editing, VR, AR, User Interface Design, photography and film.

2012 - 2013

Design Academy

At the Design Academy in Eindhoven I came into contact with various disciplines regarding design. In addition to delving into the functionality of design, I learned manual tools and techniques, such as welding, sculpting and mold making.


Saxion University

Within the Industrial Product Design (IPD) course, I focus on a wide range of digital product design processes, including using 3D CAD software, including Solidworks. I also received lessons in materials knowledge, production techniques and conceptualizing designs.

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