Do you like VR?
- Yes!

Do you want to experience our solar system inside a rocket?
- Absolutely!

And do you want to travel together with a famous Dutch astronaut who will tell you everything about it?
- Awwwyyeeeaaah!!!

This is probably the most meaningful project that I have been able to work on this year. Ivo Diependaal, Flip Buttinger and I have been asked by the Game Department to strengthen their team for the 'Spacebuzz' project. The project was set up by André Kuipers, a Dutch astronaut who has the vision to inform children about our beautiful solar system through a VR experience ... IN A ROCKET! As soon as you sit in the chair and put on the VR glasses, you are in the cockpit. Together with (a 3D version of) André Kuipers, you travel with him outside the earth. To be honest, this experience gave me the chills. Besides that the VR experience was very realistic, it gave me and many others a great experience about how beautiful our galaxy is. I was proud to participate in the design of the cockpit, the space suit of André Kuipers and the seats. I hope that someday you can see this experience, and that many children may be amazed about our beatiful earth.