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They Are

For a big schoolproject I was asked by two teachers to participate in the "They Are" project: A futuristic virtual reality experience about intelligent extraterrestrial life that has established itself on Earth for a mysterious reason. In collaboration with a number of students from various creative media courses at Saxion, we focused for five months on building this game and at the same time broadening our skills and achieving our personal goals. I was responsible for building 3D assets, in particular designing, sculpting, texturing and rigging the alien. Together with our concept artist Chris Leenheer I made all kinds of sketches and sculpts for the design of the alien. Since I was not in a game training, I had to learn the game asset process in a short time. This was also one of the first times I used the Zbrush and Substance Painter programs. A long time after we finished the They Are project, I heard from several teachers that they used the project successfully every year as promotional material for the study program, and that the project ensured that the Art and Technology study program went much further focus on 3D. I look back with pride to the wonderful time we had as a group, and am happy with the lasting friendships we got there. My teacher made the above video to tell you more about the project.

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