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3D Generalist from The Netherlands and I am currently working for the post-department at MediaMonks. This is where you can take a look at my portfolio. Lets start!


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What I do



This is the first step in a 3D process, where a 3D model or simulation is being made. Some shapes must be organic, and some hard-surfaced. Therefore I use different types of software.




For the second part in a 3D pipeline it is necessary to create realistic (or stylized) materials/surfaces. There are different ways to achieve this, but the most common way is to use PBR texturemaps.




Before a 3D model or scene can be renderd, it is important to create proper lighting. Light will play a vital part in the endresult. It directs the eye of the viewer and it determines the mood of a scene.




When everything is modeld, textured, animated and has a nice lighting setup, the project is ready to be renderd out. I use different types of render software, like Arnold and V-Ray for Maya


Some of my projects



Promotional video

In the beginning of my internship at MediaMonks I was assigned to work on the design of the environment for the new Toyota TNGA commercial. In this video ...



VR experience

This is probably the most meaningful project that I have been able to work on this year. Ivo Diependaal, Flip Buttinger and I have been asked ...

Van Gogh

AR app

For my very first augmented reality assignment I was asked to support the game department of MediaMonks in the 'Van Gogh' project for Google and Kiwi ...


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